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magician for weddings


Hiring a wedding magician to perform for your drinks reception, evening party, or wedding breakfast might just be the game changer you’ve been desperately searching for! You know, weddings can be ridiculously long days, and your guests often find themselves stuck in awkward small talk with people they barely know.

But fear not! Enter stage left, a close-up magician who can work their magic and get the party started. They’ll ensure that your wedding day has that extra touch of wow, an absolutely fantastic atmosphere, and a sprinkle of enchantment!

What to Expect

Close-up magic is ridiculously versatile, like seriously, it can do it all. And that’s just the beginning of what it’ll bring to your wedding reception. Picture this:

The vicar just played an absolute blinder, you’ve officially tied the knot, and your guests are in awe of your dress. Everyone’s in high spirits, but how do you keep that energy going? You need some wedding entertainment that’ll create a buzz, get your guests chuckling, and bring that ultimate wow factor!

With everyday items and a few borrowed from your guests (don’t worry, we’ll give them back), your talented magician will perform mind-blowing close-up magic, a sprinkle of mind reading, and maybe even a bit of pickpocketing (don’t worry, just for fun) to keep your guests entertained and utterly amazed.

amazing wedding entertainment to kick-start our day!

For the drinks reception

Hiring a professional magician during the drinks reception to perform modern magic will ensure:

  • Your guests are kept entertained: No one will be left awkwardly standing around. The magician will keep your guests entertained, ensuring everyone has a great time.
  • It’s an ice breaker: Magic is a fantastic conversation starter, ensuring that your guests – even those who don’t know each other – will have plenty to discuss.
  • It creates a memorable experience: Your guests will remember the breathtaking magic tricks long after the wedding is over, making your special day even more memorable.
  • It adds a touch of the extraordinary: A magician will make your wedding stand out from the crowd; it’s not every day you get to see magic up close!
  • Enhances the atmosphere: The excitement and anticipation of what the magician will do next will create a lively and fun atmosphere.
  • Covers any downtime: If there’s a lull in the proceedings or a delay in the schedule, the magician can step in and keep the guests entertained, ensuring there’s never a dull moment. When’s the best time to hire a magician for your wedding?


 Worried your guests can’t compete in the art of small talk at the table? Unleash a professional wedding magician to perform a little table magic. 

This may be the best bit of wedding planning you’ll ever do. Fusing comedy magic, sleight-of-hand magic and audience participation your guests will have a blast so you can relax on your big day!


 After the wedding feast comes the unforgettable experience: the wedding lull. Guests stumbling around in a bewildered state, thanks to a cocktail of carbs and alcohol. It’s like a scene straight out of The Walking Dead!

Definitely not the best first impression for your evening guests who have just arrived!

What you really need is an award-winning magician to swoop in and kick that lull right into holy matrimony, leaving your guests utterly amazed.

With some light-hearted and mind-boggling magic tricks, your comedy magician will have your guests laughing, ready to hit that dance floor and boogie the night away! 


magic show

Wedding Magician Cost

A wedding magician will cost you north of £400 (the kind you’d actually want on your big day). Of course, many factors will dictate what you end up paying including:

Professional Experience

Skill Set – do they only perform card tricks or can they offer mind reading, pickpocketing and award winning sleight of hand?

Distance – wedding magicians near me will find you local magicians but are they actually decent? Check their online reviews, videos, photos and social media to be sure.

Time of the year – if you’re looking for magicians for hire during February, you may be able to snag a close-up magician for a little cheaper than a wedding magician in peak wedding season.

Not all wedding magicians are full-time, so you might find one who’s willing to offer a knockdown fee. After all, their 9-5pm job helps subsidise their magic gig. But hey, this is your wedding celebrations we’re talking about – not some forgettable corporate event that all your guests will yawn through!

close up magic

Finding the Perfect Magician

If you’ve found the best wedding magician, simply get in touch to check their availability and request their wedding packages. The booking process should be swift and pain-free and expect to pay a deposit with the remainder due a month or two before the big day. Magicians for hire should also have public liability insurance and provide a list of previous clients’ reviews who have been delighted with their incredible close-up magic.


Where can I see a wedding magician perform?

Finding the perfect magician is super easy – firstly, if you google magician for your wedding, click around the results and see who catches your eye.

Next, consider attending a few wedding fayres so you can see their own style (are they David Blaine or more Close-Up Chris?)

You may get a chance to see them perform at a private party, corporate functions a Christmas party or doing street magic. This way you can truly tell if they’re suitable for your wedding and if they’ll keep your guests amazed!

Amazing Light-hearted fun

Hiring a wedding magician is a totally amazing experience and will help ensure your wedding is memorable for all the right reasons. From mind readers or a table magician, leave your guests wanting more with quick wit, outrageous reactions and a touch of magic!

break the  ice
amazing shots
omg moments
set the tone
conversation starters
interactive & memorable

Questions to ask Wedding Magicians

Your professional magician will offer micro magic for small groups of 5-10 people at a time. If you’ve ever seen a magician at corporate events, you’ll know that the guests loved the experience.


Magicians for weddings should be able to do a trick or two over Zoom or meet up for coffee. If they offer a cabaret show, you may be able to watch them before hiring.



Typcially, a wedding magician will perform for 2-3 hours depending on how many guests and what else is happening.





Ensure they have lots of experience performing as a wedding magician – forget about award-winning magician titles – if they haven’t earned their stripes performing in the trenches then continue your search for a close-up magician.





Magicians for weddings should be able to provide a long list of delighted clients/couples who have enjoyed their sleight of hand.





This should be included in the proposal/packages. Be sure to ask your magician for hire before committing.






Whether you’re hiring a performer for a magic show, a party magician or a stage show, your close-up magician should have insurance just in case the mind reading gets out of hand!






Fingers crossed that they’re available to perform a little table magic at your wedding.






It’s never too early to book a close-up magician. The best wedding magicians get booked up early. A good comedy magician is a rare breed so the earlier the better!

Even though this is just close-up magic, you should be aware of the fine print when hiring wedding magicians. Should you need to cancel, expect to lose your deposit as they may have turned away bookings for private parties etc.