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Kids Wedding Entertainment

20 Fun-Filled Kids Wedding Entertainment Ideas to Delight Your Youngest Guests

Struggling to figure out how to keep the kids busy and happy on your wedding day? Our essential guide to kids wedding entertainment promises a blend of fun and enchanting activities that will captivate your younger guests from start to finish. Say goodbye to the worry of bored children and hello to a celebration that everyone, no matter their age, can enjoy.


  • Kids’ play zones at weddings are a game-changer: Stock up on LEGO, crayons, and magic wands to keep the small humans busy and magically transform meltdowns into Picasso-level masterpieces.

  • Outdoor wedding? More like a free-range kiddie playground. Arm the younglings with skittles (not the candy, sadly) and let them channel their inner Messi with a side of scavenger hunting.

  • Always bet on balloons and boogie: With a pro magician pulling rabbits out of hats and a DJ firing up the mini disco, there’s no chance of ‘I’m bored’ tantrums ruining your ‘I do’s.

Creative Play Zones for Kids at Weddings

Keeping the kids entertained while the adults toast to your happiness can be a challenging task. One effective solution is to create engaging play zones at your wedding. Designate specific areas for child-friendly activities like crafting, building, and drawing. This approach not only keeps the kids occupied but also makes them feel special.


Let’s explore a few examples of fun-filled zones you could set up at your wedding.

Enchanted Craft Table

Imagine a realm where creativity knows no bounds, and every child is an artist. That’s what an Enchanted Craft Table at your wedding could look like. Stocked with coloured pencils, stickers, and other craft materials, the table becomes a hub of creativity where kids create their own wedding-themed crafts.

From crafting bride and groom Minifigure cards to decorating small wooden frames, the enchanting kid's table for crafts transforms children into artists and their art into cherished keepsakes of your special day.

Mini Builders’ Corner

Ever watched a child’s face light up at the sight of LEGO bricks? Now imagine that joy at your wedding! A Mini Builders’ Corner can be set up with themed LEGO sets, allowing your little guests to engage in fun building projects. Whether they’re constructing a:

  • fairy tale castle

  • race car

  • spaceship

  • cityscape

The builders’ corner offers an engaging way for kids to connect with the wedding theme, including the wedding dress, and express their creativity.

Little Picassos’ Station

What if we told you there’s a way to stir up creativity among the kids at your wedding without causing a mess? Enter the Little Picassos’ Station, a carefully curated drawing and painting section that ensures fun without compromising those fancy party clothes. Equipped with mess-free paint sticks, watercolor pencils, and magnetic drawing boards, the station allows children to create their own masterpieces.

Whether they’re personalising colouring books or crafting whimsical masks, the Little Picassos’ Station is a hit among the tiny guests.

Dynamic Outdoor Activities for a Memorable Wedding Day

Children playing outdoor lawn games at a wedding

A wedding isn’t truly complete without an element of fun and games. And this doesn’t apply only to adults. Incorporating dynamic outdoor activities in your outdoor wedding plan ensures that your little guests have a day they won’t forget. There’s an abundance of options to keep the kids entertained, ranging from lawn games and sports to scavenger hunts.

Here are some examples of exciting outdoor activities to consider.

Garden Game Galore

A garden isn’t just for the flowers and the photoshoots – it can also be a playground for your young guests. How about a game of wooden skittles to bring out the bowler in them? Or perhaps a round of ring toss to test their accuracy? These engaging lawn games are easy to set up and are sure to keep the little ones entertained while the adults enjoy their cocktail hour.

Kiddie Sports Day

Remember the thrill of the sports day at school? Now, imagine that excitement at a wedding! Organizing a Kiddie Sports Day at your wedding can be a surefire way to keep the energy levels high.

From a classic game of tug of war to a hilarious Spiderman race, these activities not only entertain kids but also help them burn off some of that boundless energy.

Nature Scavenger Hunt

Why not turn the wedding into an adventure for the little ones with a nature scavenger hunt? By providing them with a list of items or moments to capture, you encourage children to explore and observe their surroundings. Whether they’re tasked with finding a fancy flower or capturing a goofy dance, a scavenger hunt can be a great way to engage children and help create lasting memories of the event.

Interactive Entertainment Options for All Ages

DIY activities and games are a fantastic way to keep the kids entertained. However, the thrill of a live performance holds a unique charm for children. Captivate your young guests by hiring professional entertainers like magicians, balloon artists, or even DJs, ensuring a memorable wedding experience for them.

Let’s explore some possibilities for interactive entertainment.

Magical Showtime

Who can resist the allure of magic? By featuring a children’s magician at your wedding, you can transport the young guests into a world of wonder. With their wacky characters, hilarious puppet shows, and interactive magic tricks, these magicians know just how to keep the children captivated. And the best part? The child of honor gets to be the star of the magic show!

Balloon Artistry

What’s a party without balloons? And we don’t mean the regular, round ones. With a balloon artist at your wedding, your young guests can watch in awe as simple balloons transform into fun shapes and caricatures. Whether they want a balloon puppy or a balloon crown, the balloon artist can whip it up in no time, adding to the festive atmosphere.

Dance Floor Heroes

Remember when we talked about a mini disco for kids? Well, here’s where it gets even more exciting. By incorporating props and child-friendly music, your little guests can become the dance floor heroes of the wedding.

From dancing competitions to games led by the DJ or entertainer, the dance floor becomes a space of joy and laughter, keeping children entertained.

Kids Only Area: A Safe Haven for Fun

While encouraging all the kids to participate in the wedding activities is enjoyable and keeps the kids busy, their comfort and safety are paramount for the children attending. Establishing a ‘Kids Only Area’, supervised by professionals, creates a safe haven where children can relax, recharge, and enjoy a variety of activities at their leisure, allowing adult guests to fully enjoy the festivities.

Let’s consider some possible features for this kids-only area.

Cozy Movie Nook

Ever noticed how a child’s face lights up at the mention of movie time? Well, why not bring that joy to your wedding? By setting up a cozy movie nook at the reception, you can provide a comfortable area for kids to watch their favorite films. And don’t forget the popcorn!

Storytelling Escape

Every child loves a good story. And that’s what the Storytelling Escape offers. By providing a quiet space filled with a variety of books, you give children a chance to immerse themselves in different worlds while taking a break from the wedding festivities.

Mini Disco Zone

Kids dancing at a mini disco zone during a wedding

Remember the mini disco we talked about earlier? Here’s where it comes to life. By setting up a Mini Disco Zone with child-friendly music, you create a space for kids to let loose and showcase their dance moves. And who knows, you might even get some memorable photos out of it!

Unique Kids Wedding Activity Packs

Providing children with unique activity packs is another excellent method to maintain their engagement during your wedding. These packs, filled with kids wedding activities like DIY camera adventures, puzzles, and creative keepsakes, offer a range of engaging options.

Let’s consider the contents of these potential activity packs.

DIY Camera Adventure

In this digital age, nothing excites kids more than getting their hands on a camera. So why not turn this into an adventure? By providing each child with a disposable camera and a list of moments or items to capture, you can turn your wedding into their very own photography assignment.

Puzzle Power

Who doesn’t love a good puzzle? By including puzzle books or sheets in the kids’ activity packs, you provide quiet entertainment that can keep them engaged for hours. Whether they’re piecing together a jigsaw puzzle or solving a brain teaser, the children are sure to enjoy this activity.

Creative Keepsakes

Finally, why not let the children create their own mementos of your special day? By providing scrapbooking materials in the activity packs, you allow the children to create personalised keepsakes of the wedding. Whether they’re including photos or small items like flower petals, these scrapbooks will serve as a cherished reminder of your special day.

Edible Excitement: Tasty Treats and Interactive Snacks

We all know that the way to a child’s heart is through their stomach. So, while games and activities are enjoyable, incorporating interactive snacks and treats into your wedding breakfast is a surefire way to keep the little ones content and engaged.

Here are some suggestions for delicious and interactive treats.

Decorate Your Own Dessert

Who doesn’t love desserts? And it gets even better when you can decorate them yourself! A decorate-your-own dessert station at your wedding can be a hit among the kids, especially with a wedding cake to personalise. With a range of toppings and decorations, the children can create their own sweet treats.

Sweet Cart Discovery

Candy carts are a sight to behold for kids (and let’s admit it, adults too). Filled with a diverse assortment of candies, a sweet cart at your wedding can be a visual and gastronomic delight for your young guests.

Fruit Kebab Creation Station

If you’re looking for a healthier yet fun snack option, a fruit kebab creation station is the way to go. By providing a variety of fruits and skewers, you allow the children to create their own fruit kebabs. Not only does this provide a healthy snack option, but it also gives the children a sense of accomplishment.

Chill-Out Spaces for Downtime

Keeping the kids entertained is important, but so is offering spaces for them to relax and unwind. Weddings can overwhelm little ones, and a designated chill-out space provides a quiet retreat where children can recharge and savor the celebration at a comfortable pace.

Here are some ideas for creating comfortable chill-out spaces.

Book Nook

A nook filled with a variety of books can be the perfect retreat for the little bookworms at your wedding. By providing a quiet, cozy spot for reading, you give the children a chance to unwind with their favorite stories.

Puzzle Paradise

For children who enjoy a mental challenge, a puzzle paradise can be the perfect chill-out spot. Filled with jigsaw puzzles and brain teasers, this area provides a restful yet mentally engaging diversion for children.

Naptime Nests

Let’s face it, weddings can be tiring, especially for the little ones. That’s where naptime nests come in. By providing comfortable and serene environments, you allow the children to take a breather and rest during the bustling wedding festivities.

Incorporating Kids into the Ceremony

Weddings celebrate love and family, making them the perfect occasion to include the little ones. Here are some roles you can assign them in the ceremony:

  • Flower girl

  • Ring bearer

  • Junior bridesmaid/groomsman

  • Usher

  • Reader

  • Candle lighter

Assigning these roles fosters a sense of inclusion and creates unforgettable experiences.

Let’s consider some ways in which children can be incorporated into the ceremony.

Junior Vows

There’s something incredibly heartwarming about seeing young children participate in the wedding vows, especially when they are the couple’s own children. Whether they’re standing by your side as you say your vows or receiving a special gift as a symbol of the union, including children in this way can add a special touch to your wedding ceremony.

Little Helpers

Older kids can also play a significant role in the wedding ceremony. By assigning them roles like junior bridesmaids, groomsmen, or ceremony readers, you make them feel important and included. Whether they’re handing out confetti or guiding guests to their seats, these little helpers can add a lot of charm to your wedding.

Memory Makers

When it comes to making memories, teens can take on symbolic roles like lighting candles at the altar. This not only makes them feel included but also creates a beautiful moment that they (and you) will remember for years to come.


From creative play zones and interactive entertainment to chill-out spaces and tasty treats, there are numerous ways to keep children engaged and entertained at a wedding. By incorporating these ideas into your wedding plan, you ensure a memorable occasion for guests of all ages. Just remember, the key to a successful wedding is to ensure that everyone, including the little ones, has a great time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you entertain children at a wedding?

Set up a craft table, games room, and treasure hunts to keep the little ones entertained. You can even hire a professional babysitter to free up the parents to let loose on the dance floor! And who knows, maybe the adults will join in on the fun too!

What games keep kids entertained at weddings?

Hula hoops, outdoor Jenga, and lawn bowling will keep the kids entertained at weddings for hours. So let the games begin!

What can a 10 year old be in a wedding?

A 10-year-old can be a junior bridesmaid or a junior groomsman in the wedding, adding a touch of cuteness to the ceremony!

How can I incorporate children into the wedding ceremony?

Give those little rascals roles to play! Make them flower girls, ring bearers, or even junior bridesmaids. Let them be a part of the fun and create some cherished memories for everyone involved!

Kids wedding entertainment Conclusion

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